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Winning, Dancing and Partying – Living The Good Life :)

Wasssssap maniacs?!
Finally I have some spare time to write here, after two tests and a crazy two weeks!
So the first thing I wanna tell you guys is that I entered a filmmaking contest with my Vegan Twilight Parody…
I won a scholarship for filmmaking studies in BUDAPEST!
Isn’t that crazy?!
I’m still shocked..But I still haven’t decided whether I’m gonna use is it and move to Budapest or not…
I still have to consider what to do about my last year in my university studies and my life in general.. besides, Budapest is a cold place! but it could be such a great opportunity for me and I would be so happy to take a break from my ordinary life and move to a new country, new language, new people, new academy, to learn new things and be outside of Israel for a bit.
and another thing – The Twilight Saga Vegan Parody has reached more that 12,000 views and it got some really good reviews on Israeli sites and also in twilight fansite!
check them out!
If you still haven’t watched the parody, what are you waiting for?!
On a different note, I don’t know if you know this, but 1 of my 2 eternal hobbies is dancing [along with tanning in the sun] and I went clubbing last week with a new friend I met who just moved to Israel from the Czech Republic, and my friend Gali, who acted in the parody.
It was sooooo gooood to finally get out of the house after studying my ass off for those two exams.


This Thursday we all went to Tel Aviv to celebrate Eyal Degabli’s birthday!
Eyal is one of my best friends and he also acted in Vegan Style and as Jasper in the Vegan Twilight.
I wanna wish you many many more happy years to come, and whatever you do, I hope you’re happy! 🙂
We ate vegan pizza at a vegan restaurant [at kobi’s restaurant, bella’s dad in the parody], and ate some vegan cakes at another vegan reastaurant, then we went for a drink in a metal pub.
henya mania eating the heavenly vegan pizza!
vegan cake!

Oh, and I also took a pic next to a 2ne1 huge poster in tel aviv! 2ne1 is one of my favorite kpop girl bands 🙂

henya mania collaboration with 2ne1


Remember the Kanji kokuji shodo workshop?
Well, here are the pics of my final carving.
Pics in the courtesy of Alina Imas.
in the process
my fire kanji


 laughing with Usuda Sensei 🙂
So that’s it for this time…
Next week I’ll have something very exciting to share with you guys so stay tuned and follow me on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, G+, and now I finally have an Instagram account so you can also follow me there 🙂
Search for henyamania or just click here
See ya next time!
Love <3
Henya Mania