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Bye Bye University Life!

Hello my fellow crazy Maniacs!
My last video is a video response to Marina Shifrin’s I quit dance video!
Though I did say I’m quitting my University, I have to say it was only for the sake of the video.
I contemplated a lot about leaving at the beginning of my second year, and I fucking hate studying and the academy and everything related, but I’m totally staying for my last year.
I usually quit everything I do in life and if something is even slightly not comfortable for me, I leave without looking back, but my degree is going to be the thing I didn’t quit 🙂
But in the video, I danced as if I’m leaving for real, and twerking on the lecturers podium in the biggest class at the university was a blast!

The video was covered on “The Mushroom” viral weekend also
It was also in an Israeli morning show on TV! I’m looking it up right now so I can put it in my press section 🙂

I have so many silly footages from my student days, and I plan on filming some more of my student life this year, so I could make a “I finished my B.A degree” video at the end of it. It’s gonna be epic!
Hope you enjoyed my quitting video, let me know what you think in the comments bellow 🙂



Hey Maniacs!!!

My new single with Denis Kravtsov is OUT NOW!!!

What do you think about my new song? like it? hate it?
let me know in the comments bellow!
The Making Of is coming soon on my channel!
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Here’s a preview 🙂



Hey there fellow Maniacs!


Are you ready for it?
Are you sure???

The teaser for my new single with Denis Kravtsov is finally here!!!

The date of the full M/V realese is….27th of June!!!
So run along to subscribe to Denis K channel where the video will be released and you’ll be notified when it comes out!
Mark your calenders, cause it’s going to be the BIGGEST summer hit of 2013!

Also, I have in store for you guys the Making Of the M/V and that’s going to be on my channel, and I’ll upload pics from behind the scenes on my blog so be sure to check it out too 🙂

Please help us spread this song by sharing it on whichever platform you can, FB, Twitter, Tumblr and so on..
It would mean the world for us 🙂

That’s it for this time 🙂
Thanks guys!


Recording A New Song In The Big City!

Good morning wherever you are:)
In a try to write more in my blog I’m writing this post from the bus!
on my phone..hope I don’t get nauseous..
So a lot has been going on lately music-wise.
Yesterday I was working on recording a new song I wrote with the producer who recorded my vegan style, Assaf Halevi, and tomorrow we’re filming a music video for the new summer hit song “Star Away”, by Denis Kravtsov and me:)
it’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to get it going..
So stay posted via my facebook, twitter and my youtube channels 🙂
See ya!