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Your Complete How-To Vegan Guide by Henya Mania.


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Veganize Me – Your complete Vegan How-To Guide by Henya Mania.

If you’re looking to change your life, get healthy and save the planet, but don’t have much energy to do so, this is your ultimate solution. This How-To guide contains 66 pages of colorful and relatable stories, quotes, recipes and tips on how to create a better version of you.

Veganize Me is packed with 26 simple and delicious vegan recipes for kitchen dummies as well as chefs, including my famous ‘Easy AF hummus’ and my scrumptious ‘Greek Goddess Salad’ and it includes my own personal story overcoming ED, depression and anxiety.

Switching over to a vegan lifestyle was the first stepping stone in recovering from substance abuse and start a whole new chapter in life devoted to saving myself from myself, saving the animals from the horrors of factory farming, and saving this planet from the atrocities we have forced upon it as a species. I have been vegan for nearly a decade, and over the 9 and a half years I have been vegan I learned a lot. I fell into the trap of eating disorders, I got to the lowest point of my life, and I rose back up. In this book I share my experiences with you all to learn, enjoy and hopefully don’t make the same mistakes I did, or if you are in the same place in life, I’m sure this book will motivate you to get over yourself and start working towards a greater goal of making this world, and your life, a better place for all.


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