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Bye Bye University Life!

Hello my fellow crazy Maniacs!
My last video is a video response to Marina Shifrin’s I quit dance video!
Though I did say I’m quitting my University, I have to say it was only for the sake of the video.
I contemplated a lot about leaving at the beginning of my second year, and I fucking hate studying and the academy and everything related, but I’m totally staying for my last year.
I usually quit everything I do in life and if something is even slightly not comfortable for me, I leave without looking back, but my degree is going to be the thing I didn’t quit 🙂
But in the video, I danced as if I’m leaving for real, and twerking on the lecturers podium in the biggest class at the university was a blast!

The video was covered on “The Mushroom” viral weekend also
It was also in an Israeli morning show on TV! I’m looking it up right now so I can put it in my press section 🙂

I have so many silly footages from my student days, and I plan on filming some more of my student life this year, so I could make a “I finished my B.A degree” video at the end of it. It’s gonna be epic!
Hope you enjoyed my quitting video, let me know what you think in the comments bellow 🙂


BIG In Berlin!


Boy did I miss saying that…I finally dropped my vlog from Berlin on my channel!
It took me so long to edit, It was a nightmare! but in the end I love the result and it makes me laugh so hard and brings back all the memories…
Obviously, not everything is up there. when I got to Berlin I thought I was going to vlog every second of it, but in the end I was like “ok Hen, this is awesome. take a picture and vlog it”. As you can see, on the first I was vlogging like crazy but the more I was experiencing , the less need I felt to share it.
And it might sound a little depressing, but that’s what I think about all those social networks, That if we all really enjoyed life and had a ton of experiences everyday, we wouldn’t need facebook and twitter to show our life to other people.
But hey! vlogging is so not related to this equation, and I’m just at the beginning of my vlogging days, so stay tuned, there’s so much more to come!

How To Be Vegan In Berlin

Halo fellow Maniacs!

As you might know from this post ,my twitter, fb and instagram accounts, I was in Berlin for ten days in the last month for an Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste summer camp.
This was my first actual “abroad” experience. I was in Netherlands for work and I ran the hell away from the company I was working for after 3 days… So that doesn’t count.
Before going to Berlin I was very worried I won’t have anything to eat and I was anxious in general, But also very excited cause people keep talking about how Berlin is such an awesome city for vegans.
In my experience, in Berlin I ate much better than I eat in Israel.

My vegan pizza! 4 different types of cheese! FUCKING DELICIOUS!

First of all let’s talk fruits. most of the fruits were surprisingly delicious for a cold country, and there were fruits I nibbled on constantly, like blueberries or blackberries, that cost like a new Iphone in Israel, so it was my second time eating them in my life! They also have weird huge cucumbers and purple avocados…like..wha??

some kind of berry I’ve never seen before Berlin
Berlin has such beautiful strawberries..I didn’t get to try one
Sadly, I haven’t had much time to check out vegan restaurants 🙁 some of them have very strange opening hours that didn’t go quite well with my schedule. I did get to try the vegan pizzeria Sfizy Veg somewhere in south Berlin. Definitely best thing I ate in Berlin. It was so fucking delicious there’s no words to describe. 
Sfizy Veg, Vegan pizzeria in Berlin

The second place I got to visit is Goodies, which is a restaurant inside the Veganz supermarket – an only vegan supermarket. At the first day we got there I bought so many vegan cheese and Goodies was already closed… We begged and begged to get some vegan cakes, but they were really closed. Instead they gave us their vegan sandwiches leftovers from the day, and is was so good, especially since it was free, and after a long and tiring day. It was really nice of them.
I went there once more on my last day because it was close to the Berlin wall, and this time the experience weren’t as good. the food was ok, not amazing, and they got pissed at me for taking pictures. 
Vegan cheese section at “veganz” an only vegan supermarket in berlin!

Another place we went to was a Vietnamese restaurant which was vegetarian but I’m not that keen on trying new foods and I already ate a vegan yogurt I bought at the store so I only ordered some fresh rolls. mediocre.
From some unknown reason I bought chocolates like crazy. I’m not that fan even, and I still have most of them half eaten in my kitchen. I even bought a raw vegan chocolate from this charity store cause I wanted to flirt with the hot Taiwanese seller, but the chocolate tasted like crap. But I got a nougat chocolate, that was dope! 

My first vegan yogurt ever
Vegan chocolate I got in berlin
the vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant we visited in mitte
the fresh rolls I ordered
Omnomnom vegan yummy yogurt in Berlin

One thing that surprised me, when I came back to Israel actually, we went to Yad Vashem, a holocaust memorial museum. What i found fascinating are these two paintings I saw there, that try to make the connection between the human holocaust and the animal holocaust. I don’t know why I’m so surprised to see that as so many holocaust survivors are now vegan, maybe It’s because I’m still on the mindset I had 8 years ago when I became vegan and no one knew what it was. now veganism is so common that almost every restaurant in Israel has avegan menu as well and thousands of people come to support animal liberation in huge demos.

The airplane food.. we didn’t order vegan food in advance..
Purple avocados…

That’s it for now, next post will come with my Vlog from Berlin [hey, it took me ages to edit!] and the last photos I’m gonna drop here [The rest on my fb] so i’ll see you there!
QUESTION OF THE DAY – Have you been to Berlin? Where would you like to travel?
Let me know in the comments below.



Hello follow Maniacs!
My latest video is from The Vegan Woman summer 2013 catalog photoshoot!
The amazing Alina Imas was our photographer, Atalia the great was our stylist, Ben the model and make up artist, Dana, Inbal, Ahron and me were the models and Sivan, well Sivan is everything 🙂

It was a great photoshoot! Even though it started so early and after so many sleepless nights.
sadly I had to leave at one point when it was getting to hot and I started feeling dizzy and nauseated :
I got to keep these AWESOME ‘Vegan Gal’ shorts and ‘I Love Vegans’ pink top. I wear them everywhere! last week I wore the shorts for 2 days in a row! Cause not changing clothes is cool!…or something…

What pieces did you like? Check out the catalog here and let me know what you like the most in the comments below 🙂


Made For Web Convention!

About a month ago, Youtube in association with some other media things in Israel organized a convention in Jerusalem named “Made For Web”.
 Luckily I found out about it from a friend of mine and a fellow Israeli youtuber – Idan Matalon. BTW I made a documentary on him and we’re uploading it soon 🙂
I missed the beginning since I had an exam in the morning [97 final, thanks for asking] and they have apparently showed a video I was in! 
The Jerusalem Gangnam Style the university produced.
Here’s me!
So besides Idan, I met Aci, another friend who is also a blogger and he covered some of the cool things I did on YouTube, so you should definitely check him out if you can read Hebrew.

A month before this convention, youtube had a partner meetup convention thingy as well, with lectures and freebies too [and yes, there is a video for that coming up soon too :)], but this one was much more interesting and helpful, a lot because of the speakers who were fucking fascinating and talked about more practical stuff on how to interact more with the audience, do collabs, and so on.
One of them was Casey Neistat, an awesome person who does really cool videos on youtube and makes a living off of commercials for huge companies, and he and he’s brother even have an HBO series!

After Casey, Matt Koval came to speak. Matt was a vlogger on YouTube and has a great channel, and now he works for YouTube and at the YouTube space in California. He talked about really important things you should think about when creating content.

After that there was a panel of Israeli creators, and after that was done, me, Idan and our new friend we met at the convention went for a small tour in Jerusalem guided by yours truly 🙂
Love you My Maniacs!♥


Earthlings No Longer Blind To Injustice

New video I made at the biggest demo for animal liberation that ever took place in Israel.
Hopefully I was able to show how amazing this experience was for me and how empowering it was to everyone who took part in this huge protest.

Over 10,000 activists came to Tel Aviv to march for the liberation of animals. for a vegan like me who has organized protests 8 years ago and had 40 people come with a sign count as a success, this is an incredible change. more and more people go vegan as time goes by, and I’m so excited to be a part of history in the making.

Are you gonna stand aside or be a part of the change?

Credit to Alina Imas, From The Vegan Woman new catalog.. Vlog from the photoshoots coming soon 🙂

Back from Berlin!

Halo little maniacs!!!
I’m finally back! well, I came back to Israel almost a month ago but I came back straight to my final exams :
That sucked… but now that that’s over, it’s time for my comeback!!!
I have at least 5 videos to edit and upload and I’m working on a new single which is gonna be completely mind blowing!
Besides, I’m moving out of the dorms today to an apartment with the coolest people ever..
I can’t wait to start editing my shit from Germany…I had so much fun! here’s a sneak peek to what happened there, and I’m gonna post anothert post about the vegan food in Berlin next time. The rest of the pics will be on my facebook so make sure you like me 🙂

With Gali In Hermsdorf where our hostel was

The awesome artwork on the Berlin wall [westside]

In the central station. never seen anything so big in my life!

Bundestag [Reichstag?]

The reichstag’s [bundestag?] elevator!

Brandenburger tur with Gali!!

With Leo and Dominik from our team!

U-bhan I’m gonna miss you 🙁

I got some ice from a nice shop owner in Alexanderplatz for my huge evil creature bite 😐

                             Israel from the plain!

                            Next to an awesome graffiti shop!

                            Me too!


                      Berlin wall

                      On the way to party! I fucking love the trains in Germany!

It’s good to be back!
See you next time 🙂



Hey Maniacs!!!

My new single with Denis Kravtsov is OUT NOW!!!

What do you think about my new song? like it? hate it?
let me know in the comments bellow!
The Making Of is coming soon on my channel!
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Here’s a preview 🙂



Hey there fellow Maniacs!


Are you ready for it?
Are you sure???

The teaser for my new single with Denis Kravtsov is finally here!!!

The date of the full M/V realese is….27th of June!!!
So run along to subscribe to Denis K channel where the video will be released and you’ll be notified when it comes out!
Mark your calenders, cause it’s going to be the BIGGEST summer hit of 2013!

Also, I have in store for you guys the Making Of the M/V and that’s going to be on my channel, and I’ll upload pics from behind the scenes on my blog so be sure to check it out too 🙂

Please help us spread this song by sharing it on whichever platform you can, FB, Twitter, Tumblr and so on..
It would mean the world for us 🙂

That’s it for this time 🙂
Thanks guys!


Gay Pride Parade In Tel-Aviv 2013!

Hey my little maniacs!

Check out this video I made at the gay parade in Tel Aviv!

This year was awesome! I haven’t been to a gay parade in Tel Aviv in ages! seriously, the last time was at least 4-5 years ago. I go to parades in Jerusalem cause I live there and it’s more comfortable for me, but the general vibe is so different because the parade in Jerusalem is smaller and less…happy. no music, very few half naked people and so many security. that’s because Jerusalem has a lot of religious people living there and they are obviously against everything and among that their against gay rights and they really hate gays.
As I said in the video that once some people got stabbed in Jerusalem, that was done by extremely religious people. one parade was very tense and i myself got spitted on by one religious group of people, even though I’m heterosexual.
fuck that shit.
This year I went to the parade with Sofia, which is one of my best friends from way back..and some other friends we lost on the way…it was freakingly HOT! I was waiting to get to the parade just so i can strip to my bathing suit…sheesh.

Anyway here are some pics from this years parade 🙂

That’s it for now…I have some cool stuff coming soon so make sure your’e subscribed to my channel and following me on twitter and liking my FB page 🙂

Ok so today’s question: do you have a gay parade where you live?
let me know in the comments below 🙂
Love you guys!♥