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Iceland Vegan Food Guide – My Reykjavik Foodie Adventures

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge foodie. I wasn’t fully happy with the oats, rice and baked beans for every meal and I decided to sacrifice my budget for eating out. You know what they say, food is a great way to learn about a culture, and I wasn’t learning much when I was making my sad little porridge for every meal. Surprisingly enough, we found a vast variety of vegan options through the app HappyCow (it’s a must for the vegan traveler), and there was even a fully vegan restaurant! Here are some places we visited.


Vinyl cafe

This is the first and only (so far) fully vegan joint in Iceland. They have a super chill vibe, great music and delicious food. Gaia tried the soup and the kale salad (she approved) and I had the holy grail of sandwiches – the Kawaii sandwich with added Oumph. OH MY LORD. That sandwich was probably the best sandwich of my life. It was crunchy, oily, salty, and super flavorful. It had a fair amount of avocado, soy cream cheese, grated vegan parmesan, caramelized onions and mushrooms and Oumph. Oumph is a Swedish soy meat that needs to be exported to every corner on earth inhabiting humans. We also had their vegan viking beer called, well.. Viking. It was very tasty and made me feel cool. I’m a huge sucker for anything viking OK. I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me.

Aalto Bistro

This bistro is located in the Nordic House and we went there after the pool. Thankfully it was marked on the free map we got at The Bus Hostel so after asking some bus drivers that stopped the bus for us to help with directions (show me another country that does that! God, I love Iceland), we made it to Aalto.

They have a vegan menu that was so decadent and Christmassy. It was next level vegan gourmet food. We had the nut roast with some fancy salads and fancy bread, which were all super good, but my favorite was the dessert. We got a spread of seasonal sweets that literally blew my mind. Thankfully Gaia doesn’t like sweets so I ate hers too. I love my life.

Bike Cave

Another cool restaurant with an interesting twist. It’s a bike repair shop as well! With a shower (van life anyone?)! We had a nice vegan burger, delicious fries in all shapes and sizes, vegan onion rings and a few more things. I am a huge fan of vegan junk food, so this meal totally hit the spot.


I know, I know, as travelers we all have a budget to adhere to, and I’m not gonna lie. Eating out in Iceland is expensive. So why not go to the supermarket and cook yourself a feast? There’s a nice variety of vegan essentials in the supermarkets in Iceland.

We went to Bonus because we heard it’s the cheapest. We got yummy hummus (looked awful, but as an Israeli, I approve), Linda Mccartney’s sausages, vegan nutella (by euroshopper), bread, flat bread (omg it was amazing), probably the best tasting spinach i’ve ever had and lots of other bits and bobs. For dessert we also found vegan chocolate chip cookies (by europshopper) that were super good! They also have a variety of soy products you shouldn’t miss out on.

Airport food

Being emetophobic, germophobic and an extreme foodie, I NEVER eat at airports. But there I was, in the airport for 24 hours, my stash of chocolate covered rice cakes was dwindling slowly, I finished the last bit of peanut butter and I was slowly getting famished. I knew it had to be done. It was time for my first ever airport food. And what a surprise it was!

I found a 24/7 little shop in the airport with heaps of overpriced sandwiches, and they had 2 vegan options! One was a hummus wrap, and the other was some sort of sandwich. Being the hummus addict that I am, I decided to venture with the hummus wrap. Twice. It was sooooooooo good! Good flavor, good texture, none of the veggies were too soggy or gross and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took another one for the plane.

All in all, seems like Iceland has quite a it to offer to any traveler. From restaurants with vegan options, cafes with soy milk, vegan ice cream shops, and fairly vegan friendly supermarkets [it’s all relative right?], you can always find something to eat that will make your vegan tummy happy while in Iceland.


7 Unforgettable Days in Iceland – My Icelandic Travel Diary

I’ve traveled to many countries in my life, I’ve seen many terrains, cultures and viewpoints. But I’ve never seen anything like Iceland. As soon as I landed and got in their super efficient bus service, I could smell the sulfur, view the volcanic ground and see the sky as the 3rd and last hour of sunlight for the day was dimming away.


I got to The Bus Hostel in an hour or so, and my friend (soon to be girlfriend) Gaia arrived later that day from London. I was starving and immediately went shopping for food. Astraurthur, the kindest receptionist I’ve ever met, gave me directions and I soon found food! Hurray! Being vegan in a new country can be a challenge but to me it’s like a fun puzzle that lets me try new foods if I win. I couldn’t read half the ingredients and I had no data on my phone so I asked people in the shop if the bread I was holding was vegan. To my surprise, everyone’s English was impeccable and my bread was indeed vegan! Great success. I bought a few more bits and bobs and got back to the hostel. I made some porridge with banana and peanut butter and sat in the hostel’s common room.

The vibe in the common room was the epitome of cozy. It was warm feeling, warm looking and adorned with the most eclectic array of beautiful vintage furniture that worked wonderfully with each other. The people were friendly and nice, and the music was EVERYTHING. I spent half of my time in the hostel next to the speakers shazaming away all the songs.


On the first full day, we went exploring the Reykjavik city center. It was a 10 minute walk from the Bus Hostel, just walk towards the big white church and you will find it. Reykjavik’s city center is tiny, walkable and absolutely beautiful. Every coffee shop looks more hipster than the other, the street lights are tasteful and subtle, the street art is absolutely gorgeous and there’s even an ocean at the bottom of it. Great photo opportunities, trust me.

We met up with an instagram friend living in Iceland and went to the lake right before the sun set. I cannot even explain how impressive and inspiring that sunset was. It was the strongest sun I’ve ever seen. It was so bright that you could even take pics with the sun in the back and the object would still be lit. It was magic. It literally felt like I was on a different planet. I felt so incredibly lucky for the opportunity to see such a wonder in real life.

After that we went to The Coocoo’s Nest at the marina for the best vegan hot chocolate of my life and some really good soy lattes. I ended up confessing my love for my friend Gaia there (with the other friend still there!), which made for a very awkward afternoon.

The next day we were recommended by Astraurthur (what would my Iceland trip be without Astraurthur?) to check out the geothermal pool Vesturbaejarlaug (don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either). Even though every hot tap water drop in Iceland is geothermal (Fun fact, that’s why you should never drink or cook with the hot water from the tap) we decided to go viking and bathe in a geothermal pool with locals.

We were warned in advance to shower COMPLETELY NAKED (instead of while wearing  swimsuits) before getting in the pool. The locals really hate it when foreigners show up in the pool with their private parts not properly washed as it wouldn’t be fun for anyone in that case.

So we made sure to clean every little bit, but, stupidly enough, we forgot our towels, not to mention we had one pair of flip flops and the ground was freezing. We couldn’t be bothered to rent a towel (it cost almost as much as the entrance fee!), so we just froze every second we spent outside the hot water. Oh and we had to dry off using blow dryers. Viking indeed.

After channeling our inner Ragnar, we ran as fast as we could to the 40 degrees water. At first I felt like I was burning alive, but after a few seconds the water felt sooooooo good.

It was an insane experience I will never forget and if I can give you one word of advice (besides showering naked!), DO NOT wet your hair AT ALL or do it only right before you get out of the pool. The wind will literally freeze your head off and make this experience a nightmare if you have long hair like mine.

One thing you probably know about Iceland besides it not having any forests or their high chlamydia rates (oh you didn’t know that? Well now you do. Practice safe sex kids!), is that it’s very expensive. If you’ve made up your mind to travel here, you should be fully aware of that fact.

If you want to see anything touristy, the northern lights, the national parks or the geysers, you should probably rent a car. Bus tours are great but they are very costly, so if you’re on a budget, finding people at the hostel to share a ride with or organizing with some people off of couchsurfing to rent a car with you, would be a good idea. The national parks are free and you can split gas, insurance and car rental costs to see more of Iceland for less money.

Me and my girlfriend hired a van from and did a roadtrip around The Golden Circle. We checked out the Thingvellir national park, which was stunning, the geysirs at Gullfoss and we spent the night in a camper van all the way out in Selfoss. Astraurthur told us to go to Vik to see the black sand beaches, but we were too exhausted from driving in the dark and the cold finally got to us, so we got back to Reykjavik for some fries. On the way home we almost got stuck in a snow storm (I was terrified) but we made it back safely. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the northern lights the whole entire trip, but it only means we will have to go back one day right?

On our last day we decided to be proper tourists and go to The Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland and it is one of the 25 wonders of the world according to some important list. We got there in the middle of a thunderstorm and everyone was so concerned, they were actually considering closing it off for the day, but all ended up well and we went in. The showers were lush and we got a towel this time (#winning).

After we showered we were about to go outside to the pool while it was hailing. I don’t know  how I embraced my inner viking, but I eventually did it and I don’t regret one second of that experience. The water outside were soooooooooooo nice and I felt amazing after bathing in them. We got into one of the caves and took some nice insta pics , then went back inside to the indoor pool. This pool was substantially colder than the one outside for a reason my brain can’t comprehend, but we survived it all. We got there when it was already dark, so sadly, we couldn’t see much of the clear blue water. I would HIGHLY recommend booking well in advance and scheduling your visit to daylight hours, as short as they may be.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe just me?), food talk, will be in the next post. A foodie like me requires a whole post to articulate my food thoughts. In terms of travel, Iceland is a country you have to see at least once in your life. The nature is astonishing, the weather is an experience of it’s own, and if you get to see the northern lights, or at least a happy puffin or whale, you scored big time.


The First Vegan Digital Nomad Summit In SINGAPORE!


Hey Guys! I cannot be more excited to announce that me, Jason Pizzino and Sean Lee are organizing an epic event for all of you in singapore, and here are all the details!




Come learn from leading vegan digital nomads from around the world how to unlock the power of social media and online businesses to travel the world and spread the vegan message.

Tickets available now! Get Yours HERE!
15% of sales will go to an animal charity!

12th of March, 10AM to 4PM, Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant, 282A South Bridge Road Singapore 058831
Sean Lee – Minimal Pro, HD Piano
Jason Pizzino – Youtube, Instagram

Henya Mania- Youtube, Instagram
Guest Speaker:
Luke Tan – Plant Fuelled Athlete 

Awake Method Youtube

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


*RSVP on FB doesn’t cut it, you must get a ticket from Eventbrite in order to take part in this epic event]


Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes For Fall

The red and gold autumn leaves that make a crunchy sound when you step on them, the weather is not scorching hot anymore, the smell of apple and cinnamon and pumpkin spice everything… Don’t you just love fall?
I am an absolute sucker for seasons, and fall especially. Even though there is no real change of season here, I still take advantage of everything fall inspired in this wonderful time and nothing says more fall to me than fall inspired food (probably since it’s not cold enough for nice clothes haha).
So in today’s video I wanted to share with you guys my favorite vegan recipes of fall 2015!

My epic apple pie oatmeal for breakfast

apple pie oatmeal vegan henya mania


My warm veggie salad with tahini dressing for lunch
(full recipe can be found in my ebook)

warm veggie salad for fall henya mania

Hot apple cider as a snack

apple hot cider henya mania

lentil soup with veggies and toasted bread for dinner

lentil and veggie soup vegan henya mania



All of the recipes are preparation method are in the video, so make sure to check it out and subscribe to my channel if you like it.

What is your favorite thing about fall? 🙂



6 Awesome Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Hey Maniacs!

After receiving tonnes and tonnes of questions on our youtube and tumblr me and bae @jasonpizzino decided to finally make a video about how we make our long distance relationship work for us. we are sharing our tips in this video with you guys, hopefully you can get a thing or two out of it.

I thought I’d give you guys a quick summary of the video in this post so you could also read it out and make more sense out of it. Please make sure to share this post with whomever you think this will benefit, as It will help them and us as well 🙂
1. Trust each other

Trust is a key point in making a long distance relationship work for you. If you lack trust you will keep picking on little things and damage your relationship. working on the mutual trust is of high importance.

2. Keep your independence in check

First and foremost, you are your own person way before you enter a relationship. It’s vital to keep your independence in check; avoid neediness, learn to entertain yourself without your partner. Remember, you don’t need your mate to be complete, it is just an addition to an awesome life you are building for yourself. I used to be a super needy girlfriend and a great book that helped me is ‘Why Men Love Bitches‘.

3. Contact each other on whatsapp and facebook calls

Facebook and whatsapp now have this awesome feature you can call each other off your phones if you have the apps installed. For us it was simply a lifesaver! We also texted each other most of our waking hours on whatsapp, we always kept in touch.

4. Skype sex, sexting and snapchat nudes

This one is a must. Sex is an inseparable part of a normal relationship in our opinion, and we took advantage of every app we could use to send each other sexy nudes, sexts and masturbated to each other on skype. It’s actually a really interesting aspect of sex that I didn’t experience much of before going on a long distance relationship and I fucking loved it.

5. Schedule specific times to talk

To be honest, I had massive issues with this one, I didn’t like the feeling that Jason is putting “A call to Henya” in his daily schedule, as it made me feel like I was some chore you need to do in between feeding the dog and answering emails. But trying to manage a long distance relationship between continents, when I’m in Israel and Jason’s in Australia, it was kind of the only option. What do you know, after less than a month, I became more fanatic about scheduling than he was!

6. Work towards a goal

The first time me and Jason split up, we didn’t know what we were going to do. We had no goal in mind and no idea when we will ever meet again. our relationship was standing on the rocks after several weeks and then Jason Bought a ticket to come see me in Thailand. Since we had a date we knew we were working towards, it became way easier. As time went by, we started working towards a bigger goal of living together in Asia, working on our social media and be together. Some people can manage a long distance relationship for years and years, for us, it wasn’t sustainable so we decided to work towards being with each other long term. It’s important to know your boundaries and how long you can be away from each other, and figure things out from there.


I hope this was helpful to you guys, please let us know in the comments what do you think and if you have any other tips that worked for you. Make sure to check out our youtube channels and subscribe if you like what you see. If you want to reach out to us you can easily do so via email, snapchat, insta and tumblr [even anonymously].

My channel:

Jason’s channel:


Have a wondeful day and go vegan!



relastion shi[


Homesick and Tired in Taiwan

Well hello again Maniacs 🙂
Allow me to completely ignore the fact that I have neglected my blog for almost three months and continue with the topic at hand.

I am currently in somewhat of an utter exhaustion from all the last several months of traveling. I’ve been doing the travel thing, then the living in thailand thing, now I’m back on the Travel thing but in Taiwan. mostly because it’s far more expensive here and I’d rather save my money for the next months in Thailand where I’m going to spend a month in phuket with my boyfriend [oh yeah, that happened too] and for the raw till 4 thai fruit fest I’m considering going to. I’ve been couchsurfing non-stop for 20 days straight and boy that takes wayyyyy too much from me.

I’ve been through so much in so little time and I barely had time to process any of it. I’ve been dealing with some issues of taking up space and handling rejection and the feeling of being unwelcomed, whether it was true or not, and some “saying no” to men issues as well. I just feel like all I want now is to be alone and get some rest. My body is going mad, weird pain in my leg, stomach ache, early period, lack of appetite, complete change of diet [of course still vegan, veganism is not a diet its a way of life and the number one principle that I live by] and some more weird shit. I think my body is “gently” shouting at me to take a massive break from whatever it is i’m doing.

Continue Reading


1 Month Into Traveling in Thailand – A Rollercoaster of Emotions

I was planning to blog so much more, and I even have a couple of posts from Bangkok and Chiang Mai describing shit I done and felt, but it just wasn’t something I felt right about publishing.
Even the food pics I take here I feel that by posting them I let off the wrong impression of thailand as the fruits in israel taste so much better. And moreover, I didn’t feel like writing anything or be involved with anything online cause to be frank? I felt like shit more than half the time. I was planning to vlog as well, most of the time at least, and I didn’t have the energy to do so. That made me feel disappointed in myself. I came here to thailand to explore and a big part of my plan was to get my youtube and blog into a more settled routine. That did not happen and when I noticed I was beating myself up for not doing so, it made me feel worse. So I just accepted that fact and went on.
I wanna start in bangkok but lets just go backwards from now. I am now in Pai. Sitting in the kitchen of my guesthouse. A kinda hippie and indian vibe is going around me, and I don’t really connect to it, but I feel that that’s much better than feeling unrelated to a bunch of seriously happy people being excited about every thing that goes around them and just seek approval from others while not approving of anyone themselves. So even though I don’t smoke or drink I actually feel more connected to the people here. I got here 2 days ago, after 2 weeks in Chiang Mai. 


The ride to Pai was horrible. No other way too put it. Its the most curviest rode I’ve ever witnessed and it took 4 fucking hours. I was mainly afraid of the motion sickness people claim to have on the way here, as you know I have a massive fear of vomiting, and I was delaying going to Pai for that reason only. I was scared I would feel bad during the ride and of course from others feeling bad during the ride. I decided to come here quite spontaneously after debating going to Koh Pangan in the most expensive time of the year. When the taxi arrived to pick me up I immediately knew I’m gonna have problems with the Chinese girl that was already in the cab. She looked in so much pain, I knew shes gonna get carsick. I was constantly looking out for her, if anything happens or if she feels worse, and it happened quite fast.
She vomited into a bag not even halfway, and I was panicking. The fact that I couldn’t run away from this thing happening in front of me was excruciating. I was trying to relax and tell myself that this is not about me, it cannot hurt me, and that I am perfectly fine. I gave her an anti vomiting pill, and by the second time she threw up I was almost ok with it, mainly because it was outside the van, and because I accepted the fact  that I’m panicking and that that’s ok. Generally, just accepting whatever is going on around me makes things a lot easier. But that very hard to do when you’re a control freak. 
So we made it to Pai alive and I found this nice guesthouse, I rented a bungalow, and went to explore around a bit. Pai is beautiful. as all of Thailand, the nature here is overwhelming, and all that shit, but to be frank, I felt so depressed yesterday, I was seriously lying in bed for several hours, not wanting to get up at all. It really came down to the fact that I realized I was not gonna be happy anywhere unless I am genuinely happy within myself.


Cause I kept on going from place to place, thinking that the problem was in the place and not with me, maybe it was just the heat in Bangkok, or the shitty fruits, or the fact  that I was sick, or staying too long in Chiang Mai, or maybe I just need to go to Taiwan and everything will be better than. But thats all a bunch of bullshit isn’t it? but its very hard to grasp when you’re feeling like hell and feeling that amazing gap between what you thought will be and facing reality is much different.
Being a borderline personality I usually suffer from big expectations that lead to a huge disappointment when those aren’t met. And when you travel, everything is so much more intense. Senses are heightened, everything is in large scale. when you feel bad its terrible and when you feel good its fucking amazing. I think that it all went downhill since Bangkok. 
2 major things happened. I was sick, and I was sticking to one person for too long. It made me feel out of control and unable to take care of myself. I was literally shitting myself all day and I was miserable. At the same time I was spending too much time with the same person, and I just needed some time for myself to recuperate and get my shit together. Literally. When I separated from the dude I felt better but then I was still sick and I couldn’t get over it, nothing I did made it better and I was trying to have fun anyway, do stuff and explore but in the end I was miserable. 
On my last day in bkk I was so depressed I was just lying on my couchsurfing hosts carpet and just crying and cursing Thailand and just wishing things were different. It was a mixture of things. My sick stomach, a sting I got from an unknown something that made me freak, and getting electrocuted. That minute I decided on taking a night bus to chiang mai. As if the problem was with bangkok….


When I got to chiang mai I felt like I was home. Trees, great weather, I could actually see the sun, less pollution, and much more fruits. But then I had a coconut at a restaurant, and the waitress started throwing up in the kitchen. The despair I felt was incredible. It just blew up my illusion that it was location dependent. I was exhausted from panicking, cause needless to say my panic attacks sky rocketed since I started traveling., so I just accepted my fate, and went to sleep it off. After a night in the crazy night bus it was certainly needed. 
In Chiang Mai I did some couchsurfing at a nice expat from Ireland, and then I slept a Joe’s from best transformation big fruity house for a few days. It was a nice experience living with so many fruit bats, but I was thinking about renting a place there until the fruit winter festival, and just the thought of staying in one place for so long made me so depressed I couldn’t function.


Since then I switched a couple of places, got tired from Chiang Mai and then fell in-love with it all over again, and decided on going to Pai. Even though I’m still not my best physically and mentally, I accept it completely and I am trying my best to be on the move, take care of myself and trust my instincts. I am very proud of myself and my decisions and I will continue to do my own thing 🙂



What’s in my minimalist backpack, what to bring to a flight as a hclf vegan and more

Hello Maniacs!

Here are a few videos I did on what I’m taking with me as a minimalist for a long term travel experience in asia!
I made a review of my backpack – The Osprey Tempest 40, and showed everything I packed with me here.

In this other video I show you a more detailed version of what’s in my minimalist backpack.

Also for us HCLF, raw till 4 vegans I made a video of what to bring to a long flight to not end up starving in a metal box flying in the air in between countries.

so make sure you watch the videos and I’ll be coming up with new videos asap.

Important Life Lesson I Learned From A Trip To The Dentist

trying to smile with anesthesia 🙂

Hey Maniacs!

Only three days to my flight to Thailand and i had to take an unexpected and expensive trip to the dentist yesterday. 2 years ago I had a filling break on my salad and I wasn’t keen on going to the dentist at all. in general I hate doctors and i think that the modern medicine is lacking through and through. I despise the feeling of helplessness I get when I’m in pain or sick and especially I hate when I supposedly don’t have the knowledge to heal it, and someone else holds it for me and tells me what to do, as if we’re not talking about MY body and MY aches.

I had plenty of times in which I took the courage to head over to a doctor, and got a real bad treatment that usually made me more sick or sick in a different way [for example, the endless cycle of antibiotics – candida], accompanied by a really disgusting approach that the doctor treats me as a straight up idiot who cant fend for herself and they obviously know everything about me and my body. 

With the dentist it’s a whole other story. not only the dentist sucks big time and cant get a friggin filling to last for two weeks, but the whole procedure is horrible. having someone stick his stinking gloved hands in my mouth makes me feel completely out of control, and my emetophobia [fear of vomiting] also relates to that feeling [as to everything really]. And if that’s not enough, I’ve had dental issues since birth, because my mother had to take some kind of medicine before my birth and it literally messed up my face. the most recurring response I get on my youtube channel is about my teeth, and it was always like that in school when other kids would make fun of my teeth. having my teeth completely fixed was too expensive for my family and i learned to accept that these are my teeth, and that’s how its gonna be. But even now I don’t smile with teeth when taking pictures.

Somehow over the years  even developed a specific teeth phobia, not dentist phobia, but the fear and extreme aversion  from teeth and everything related. I got to a point where i wasn’t able to watch those toothpaste commercial on tv and youtube. the actual thought of teeth and dental procedures was immensely distressing for me.
A few days ago I was enjoying a guava fruit when a damn seed got stuck in my broken filling-cavity thing going around my mouth somewhere, and it took me forever to get it out. in the meanwhile, the seed made my cavity even bigger and got my remaining amalgam filling to drift from my tooth. 
Being a hypochondriac, I started investigating about amalgam filling and started asking in fb groups about doctors who take out amalgam filling in a safe way, cause they contain mercury which is a seriously dangerous metal that definitely shouldn’t be in our mouth and  needs to be taken out in a way that we don’t absorb and breath it and get cancer and shit.
So after crying a few hours for feeling helpless from the fact that someone else holds the key to my health, and from knowing that i’ll have to let someone touch my mouth and drill my skull, I decided to relax the fuck up and just accept it. from the second I had my resolution on, I stopped crying and I somehow detached myself from the person I was imagining having  a dentist appointment the next day. 
Now I’m not saying dissociation is the way to go, I am way too unattached to my overall being and I don’t recommend my way of handling things, but this dental experience was different from other experiences I had. I didn’t really feel any fear when I first entered the dentists room, I mean, I was scared, but not anxious. does thas make sense? Anyway, the dentist and assistance were so freaking nice! it shocked me even. I was crying and a bit hysteric at first but they really went through everything they did and I felt like I gained my control back. They even played a daddy yankee video for me on to help me feel more comfortable and relaxed. 
I had 2 amalgam fillings replaces to white ones, and I felt so brave and empowered from going through with that, that I went back after a few hours and got another filling done on the other side. 
I am so so so proud of myself for going through with this, and taking care of my body. I’m very happy I don’t have mercury in my body anymore and that my teeth condition is good in general. even though i eat 90% carbs haha! but seriously, taking care of ourselves and our bodies is so important! we don’t have any other home to live in! and  even though its temporarily,  its our only place and the only thing we truly own. I definitely rather pay more for a better dental experience with a private doctor and not having a disastrous metal in my mouth.

I  must say, that I don’t how I will react if I’ll need to go to the dentist again, and I don’t think that just deciding to relx and go on with things will cure your phobia or whatever, but it’s definitely good to face it. I had other fears like water and vomiting and I did actually try to face them head on, but it still didn’t work. even after vomiting and after trying to swim for the first time, I’m still very very afraid of it. nevertheless I’m really happy I could have an experience of coping with a fear and getting through with it like a normal person, and not like it was for me with other fears, that weren’t getting the reaction I wanted when facing them. Kind of gave me hope that one day I could get rid of all my phobias. No matter what, I’m gonna fight for my right to live a fearless life.

What I Eat in a Day On a Raw Till 4 High Carb Low Fat Vegan Lifestyle to Stay Energetic and Skinny

Hello Maniacs!
I’m very excited about my new video. I always wanted to do a what I eat in a day video for you guys, but I’m such a lazy mofo, only since I started writing my recipe ebook I got my recipes to look less of a mess. I am a complete slob and nothing in the process of making my food looks aesthetic. but I really wanted to make a video showing what I eat in a typical day, the amounts of food and the calories I eat on this raw till 4, high carb, low fat, vegan lifestyle. especially now because I’ll be in Thailand next week and I won’t have all the usual fruits that you can get anywhere, and I probably won’t be able to cook for myself for awhile.
This is what I ate on Tuesday 111114, which was actually my 26th birthday 🙂
1 liter of water
Breakfast: Fruit salad

500g crimson grapes = 345 kcal
300g pomegranates = 249 kcal
4 kiwis = 168 kcal
1 cup orange juice = 111 kcal
Total of 873 calories

Lunch: 1 liter green smoothie

7 bananas [3 frozen] = 687 kcal
5 dates = 332 kcal
5 lettuce leaves = 23 kcal
1 cup mint = 17 kcal
Total of 1060 calories
Snack: 3 bananas
Total of 315 calories

Dinner: Crispy potato wedges with guacamole dip 
1 kg potatoes = 770 kcal
0.5 avocado = 160 kcal
1 tomato = 22 kcal
1 spring onion = 4 kcal
lemon juice
1 spoon of chili flakes

Total of 957 calories

 All in all, total of 3205 calories, 54g of protein, 757g of carbs, 26g of fat.

Calorie breakdown = 87/5/7

As you can see I get plenty of protein, it’s actually more than 0.8g of protein per kg of my body weight. I also get all the vitamins and mineral I need, and I can be sure they are being absorbed well because I don’t eat stuff like salt, caffein, and other things that can harm the assimilation of micronutrients in our bodies.
Even though I eat a lot, I don’t get fat and I’m even losing body fat and getting leaner. my energy all day was up the roof, only before my 3 bananas snack I got very hungry and I needed my fix. I wasn’t really active that day, went for a slow walk in the mountains and met a dear friend of mine. but nothing I would classify as exercise. when I do exercise I will eat more than this.

This is a very typical day for me. I usually have at least one smoothie cause it make smashing in the calories fairly easy, and my other fruit meal a fruit salad or a mono fruit meal. right now my favorites are persimmons and cherimoya <3 I usually have 2 big meals and 1 small snack and a 500-1000cal dinner like I had today, or on busy days I’ll have 2-4 huge fruit meals and a 500-1000cal dinner.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day, I’ll definitely make more of these videos when I’ll binge on tropical fruits in Thailand.